Interactive Sediment Remedy Assessment Portal
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Welcome to the Interactive Sediment Remedy Assessment Portal (ISRAP), an online interactive portal to assist in understanding monitoring requirements and monitoring tools associated with sediment remediation. The ISRAP can also be useful in understanding data needs during RI/FS, especially as they pertain to remedies themselves, and post-remedy monitoring.

The main feature of this site is the sediment monitoring tools matrix, a database of sediment monitoring tool information to facilitate the design and optimization of sediment monitoring programs. The matrix can be browsed in a step-by-step mode by selecting “Matrix” via the toolbar at the left. For first-time users, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link is provided, and contains a tutorial and other resources that provide a functional overview of the matrix design and navigation, as well as a short primer to understanding sediment remediation monitoring needs and tools. The “Guidance” link in the toolbar at left provides the full, in-depth guidance document (pdf file) that supports the work showcased in the ISRAP.
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